Monday, August 06, 2007


Savagery is as much part of human nature as mother love. No amount of rationalisation, pontification or persuasion will change this fact. A thousand Buddhas cannot prevent it. Why then does law think it can control it or, even stop it?

On Communication

After struggling for decades with my inability to communicate what I think and feel, I am suddenly caught by the wonder of communication. What an extraordinary thing it is that we, isolated beings are able to communicate so much that is subtle, sublime and beautiful. Communication that can bring tears to our eyes: of laughter or pain. Communication that can join us forever in love and devotion; open our eyes to the beauty of life; exalt us to euphoric heights without any drug.

I deliberately do not speak of the other kind of communication, that which destroys lives, relationships and spaces. Because, my starting point is the wonder of communication between fearful, anxious, envious, anger and hate filled, isolated and dumb selves. Without communication (or the possibility of it) we would forever be doomed death and destruction. Even if life survived on earth, it would be unimaginably horrible: a mean and vicious dance of death.

My salute to communication and communicators, however imperfect, however incomplete. May our communications always be effective and complete.